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What is Birdie Token?

Birdie Token will be releasing both golf and Crypto related products to combine the worlds and knock down barriers that make both seem so difficult to master.

Whether it be our easy to use Crypto wallet where you can keep your latest rounds, buy discounted equipment, bet on a round between you and your buddies, or the soon to be released launch pad to launching your very own Crypto Project.






  • Transactional Transparency on all Operations
  • Monthly Strategical Burns
  • Locked Liquidity Pool
  • Major Functions Time-locked for maximum security
  • Strong Anti-Whale mechanisms
  • No Developer’s Wallet

Merging the Golf & Crypto Industry

The ultimate goal of Birdie is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of services from market to finance.

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster while in the meantime your will be able to immerse yourself into the golf industry.


Financial Model

  • Liquidity Pool Locked for 1 Year
  • Anti Whale + Bot Mechanisms
  • No Developer Wallets
  • Initial Burn

  • Cross Chain Supply

  • Circulating Supply

Note: In all important functions of the Smart Contract Time-locks will be enforced as an added measure of security in order to ensure there will be no changes on the code over a certain period of time. This will give the Dev team the ability to improve the code instead of having a renounced ownership where no changes can take place.

Development 100%
Design 60%
Marketing 50%
Team Expansion 50%
Social Media Growth 35%

Birdie Golf LLC. is a Web3 solutions company aiming to reduce the complexity of blockchain technology in its products giving their users the most seamless transition into the Web3 world through the game of golf.

With products like Birdie Token and Birdie Wallet this will give our holders instant access into both the world of golf and decentralized finance!

Birdie Wallet is now available on Google Store for Android Devices and Apple devices.




November - December 2021
|| The origin of Birdie platform idea. || Development of the concept and business plan. || Team Assembly and Social Media Advertising || Launch of BirdieToken || Listing in CMC / Coingecko / Nomics || Security Audit || Major Exchange listing || 1st round of merchandise Release.
January - February 2022
|| Community Giveaways / Charity Events. || Expansion of the Marketing Campaign. || Reaching 5000 Followers in our Social Media platforms. || Website and Logo Revamp.
March - May 2022
|| Major Exchange Listing. || Community Giveaways/ Charity Events. || Birdie Wallet DApp Launch. || Expansion of the Core and Dev Team. || || Collaboration with Branding Consultants.
June - August 2022
|| 2nd round of merchandise. || Collaboration with other DeFi communities and strategic partnerships. || Crypto and Golf Friendly Educational Material. ||
September - December 2022
|| Reaching 500,000 Followers in Twitter. || Website Version 2.0. || Token Launch Platform and NFT Marketplace testing period. || Birdie Concept project revealed.

Our motivated team



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